• Is there any cost to start?
    No! There is absolutely no start up costs and no software to buy. We get paid only when you get paid.
  • What is your average collection rate of insurance claims?
    MMMBS Inc. maintains a 97.8% average rate of collection of insurance claims with a faster receipt of payment than our competitors. Our turn around time for processing claims after receiving charges from physician office is 48 hours.
  • Why choose MMMBS Inc.?
    Our size puts us at a competitive advantage because we are able to offer dedicated Account Managers for each client allowing us to deliver the highest standards of customer service and billing and coding regulations.
  • What are your fees?
    MMMBS charges a flat-rate percentage fee of the amount collected through insurance and patient payment of all services on a monthly basis. Our staff takes care of your practice’s business needs while you take care of your patients
  • How does MMMBS Inc. handle the transition from a prior billing company?
    We couple our experience and our knowledgeable support team to make your transition seamless. Our client relationship management approach starts by assigning any new client with an on-boarding specialist, credentialing specialist, a billing/coding specialist, a reimbursement specialist, and an account coordinator. By allowing our team to address every issue of your billing in a targeted and systematic way, we are able to streamline the transition process to address every advantageous issue and avoid any gaps in service coverage.
  • What are the advantages to using a billing service rather than billing in-house?
    The physician can rest easy with the piece of mind that their cash flow is protected from staff turnover. Also, outsourcing your billing allows the physician to keep overheads low and focus 100% on patient care.
  • How does MMMBS Inc. address the issue of transparency?
    As a cornerstone in providing industry leading services, MMMBS couples technology and 3 levels of quality check measures to provide each client with 24/7 access to their billing progression, the status of each claim submitted, & the payment progress of each patient seen.
  • Is there any cost for credentialing?
    No, there is absolutely no cost for credentialing and bi-yearly credentialing maintenance assessments to keep physicians up-to-date, 100% compliant, and relevant.